Select photographs from 100 Mojitos

Anxious to see Cuba “before it changed,” I booked plane tickets and threw together a presumptuous people-to-people tour, unknowing of custom procedures, or where I’d stay my first night.

I wasn’t the only one.

I soon realized Cuba would become one of the easier countries I’d ever traveled through, as non-American tourists have been for almost three decades.

Of course, there was still waiting and time questioning everything: Who is in charge here? Did I just pay for that guy’s drinks? Is that a scam? Did I get the right change? Did I just get scammed? But these brief meltdowns of second-guessing, are quintessential to any trip worth taking.   

The all-film series I’ve selected for 100 Mojitos live in-between the small moments of Cuban everydayness, with subtle hints of the casual observer.

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